Ymir, the giant

This painting belongs to the series of 7 monumental works (3 m x 2,50 m) representing the Great Gods Ase, now protected in a chapel specially built for them in 1996 and next to the Center of Modern Art in Midlanda, Sweden.

Ymir, an essential giant, is a central character in the northern cosmogony. He was born in a pit (Ginnungagap) where the burning (Muspelheim) and frozen worlds (Niflheim) met. The remaining ice gave life to Bergelmir, the nourishing cow, who will later kill the father, Burri. Burri breeds the Gods, Odin, Vili and and Vé. They decide to kill Ymir. The parts of the body of Ymir create the world, its blood forms the sea, its flesh becomes the earth, its bones the mountains, his hair the forests, his skull the heavenly vault and under this vault the gods throw his brains, forming heavy threatening clouds.

This painting shows the creative embrace of the blue ice of the Niflheim and the fire of the Muspelheim through the touches of red and yellow. Green refers to Bergelmir. Ymir carries in him the tragic of the essence of life and this painting reflects this wonderful tension.

Ymir the Giant