Lindstrom Tor

This portrait of Tor belongs to the series of 7 monumental works (3 m x 2,50 m) representing the Great Gods Ase, now protected in a chapel specially built for them in 1996 and next to the Centre of Modern art of Midlanda in Sweden.
Tor, son of Odin, is the thunder and most powerful God of all the gods of the Scandinavian pantheon. He is also the dreaded enemy of the Giants and can destroy everything by his only force. In addition, he has the Meginjord belt, which doubles its natural strength, as well as the famous Mjöllnir Hammer, which inevitably reaches his goal and always comes back in his hand. The protector of the Aesir makes his hammer, more than just a symbol of his strength, the bulwark against the powers of evil.
In this Tor wearing painted by Bengt Lindström, we naturally find blue, yellow and red. The sky, fire and blood. In northern mythology, these bright colors, associated with white, are the symbols of ice and fire, creative and destructive forces at the same time. Here, Tor’s primitive force seems to emerge from light and compact matter.