The Shaman’s Look

Bengt Lindström was fascinated by the idea of a higher truth. He looked for it in mythology, religion, shamanic rituals and philosophy. We find this fascination in his paintings, from the great gods Aesir series to the portraits of Lao-Tzu, Muhammad and Buddha. And naturally in this painting called the Shaman’s Look.

Bengt Lindström, whose father was a shaman, has kept a strong bond with shamanism, which continued in his connection with many shamans throughout his life. With the images and colors of the Great North, Bengt Lindström has anchored this mythology in his work. He does not represent the world in which he lives but rather focuses on the spiritual and vital forces around him.

It is through these elements and archetypes, buried in our deepest core, that Lindström speaks directly to the collective imagination that guides our instincts and conditions our performance. In this sense, the artist’s work tends to universal.

This painting was sold by Christie’s auction house in 2012.

Shaman's Look