Abraham’s sacrifice

In this painting called Abraham’s sacrifice, Bengt Lindström represents his version of the famous Bible episode.
Abraham, as he appears in the Bible, or Ibrahim, as he appears in the Quran, is tested by God asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac.
After joining the place of sacrifice and setting up an altar for his son, Abraham seized his knife to cut him down, before being stopped by an angel’s voice; his obedience needed no more proof. The memory of this sacrifice is commemorated every Jewish new year, especially during the Rosh Hashana celebration.
In this painting by Bengt Lindstrom, Abraham can be distinguished as he holds the knife with one hand and holds his son, below him, in the other. This painting reminds us of Bengt Lindström’s own spiritual quest, and his love for these stories that got passed on through the centuries and remain so deeply rooted in our cultures.

Abraham's sacrifice-1967 Canvas 92 x 73 cm